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Traditional Flavour

El Sobao

El Sobao is a beaten dough that is rectangular in shape and its surface has a characteristic toasted colour and inside a crumb with an intense yellow colour. 
It is an irresistible product due to its exceedingly sweet taste, its clear and intense butter aromas and its dense but at the same time spongy and moist texture. It comes in a case, traditionally known as a gorro (hat), where the way in which it is folded is one of its main characteristics.
The Sobaos, protected by the Sobao Pasiego Protected Geographical Indication (PGI), are made with butter and within the so-called region of Pas, the geographical area confined by the rivers Pas and Pisueña and the area of influence of these rivers, an area which is located approximately in the central part of Cantabria.


Ingredients from natural agriculture



Organic Sobao is made with ingredients from natural agricultural production that do not use any synthetic chemical product and respecting the environment. It is an eco-friendly, organic, and biological food.
Organic sobaos have a dense but spongy and moist texture. Their taste is exceedingly sweet, with a prominent buttery aroma, as well as a slight aroma of spelt flour.

Smell of milk, lemon and cinnamon


In our workshop we have many years of experience making fantastic Quesadas, a traditional dessert from our valleys, a compact yellow dough, more toasted on the surface and has a faint smell of curdled milk, lemon and cinnamon.
Try it and enjoy its dense texture, moistness and take a pause, and appreciate the attachment to the land, the roots to family traditions in every bite.


The traditional biscuit

Pastas Pasiegas


Pasta Pasiega is a biscuit with a notable and delicious buttery taste. Its characteristic colour, a light golden-cream, is due to the egg and butter used in its preparation.
This type of biscuit is ideal for people of all ages, with the exception of those sensitive to allergen products that are indicated in the ingredient list and do not need to be cooked in order to enjoy them.

Chocolate Sobao


Chocolín is a chocolate sobao with chips with which Joselín manages to take a step further, bringing together the traditional preparation and more than 100 years of history of sobaos pasiegos, baking this more natural and healthier delicacy. 
A product that maintains the tradition of being made in the Pasiego Valleys, and at the same time being modern due to the inclusion of chocolate in this product so typical of Cantabria. In addition, they can be purchased in two packs, one of four chocolates and another of six.