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Culture, History and Tradition


Our firm commitment to protect the roots that connect the sobao and the quesada with the Valles Pasiegos, encourages us to carry out different activities aimed at audiences of all ages and levels of knowledge, from amateurs to experts and professionals.
Among the activities we organise, you can participate in cultural activities, such as Exhibitions and Presentations, related to the culture, history and character of our environment. There are also activities with our products, baking workshops where we teach the secrets of our delicious artisan products step by step.
Check here for more information and details about these activities, and also through our social networks.
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Sobaos elaboration workshops
They are from Thursday to Sunday
The duration is 2 hours approx.
Groups Maximum 15 people (including adults and children)
Adults: € 22
Children under 12 years: € 16


Visitor Service Phone

942 590268