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Family tradition

three generations doing sobaos

A brief family

history of Joselin

The story of Joselin spans three generations of Pasiego artisans that emerges from the determined entrepreneurial spirit of Antonia García Mazorra, a courageous Pasiego who supported a classic matriarchy of the rural Cantabria of the last century. In Vega de Pas, where her husband (Joselin) worked as a baker, Antonia kneaded the first Pasiego sobaos with Castilian flour acquired on the black market and the support of her friend and neighbour, Lucia.

Modest origins, typical of the tenacity of an artisan’s family, from rural, peasant origins, in the harshness of mountainous rural areas in the post-war period. The complexity of local communications meant for years of scarcity and difficult marketing. The fairs of Ontaneda or Selaya, panniers, wooden drawers and the hauling of a few kilos of sobaos, donkeys for trading through the ports… These are the images that are conjured up by the old memories and anecdotes of our elders.

The family’s move to Selaya in 1949 marked the beginning of continuous progress at the hands of the second generation, creating the best possible products, with the best raw materials available, maintaining total respect for the traditional family ways of working.


our achievements

our philosophy


At Joselin, tradition is the main ingredient; enthusiasm and passion are the energy that heats our ovens.

Quality has never been disputed throughout Joselin’s long career; with an unhurried attachment to the land, roots in family traditions and great enthusiasm, we have pampered clients and friends alike. Excellence in selecting raw materials, careful handling, zealous execution, modern traceability and presentation are our hallmarks. We aspire to create an emotional experience, a tasting card that lives up to our customers’ expectations.
Joselin holds the IFS VI seal, proving an optimum level of quality and process traceability. 

In 2010, Joselin received first prize in Innovation for Rural Women from the Ministry of the Environment and Rural and Marine Affairs and was promoter of the Regulatory Council of the Protected Geographical Indication for Sobao Pasiego.



Woman's hands


Today, of the four sisters who make up the second generation of Joselín Sobaos and Quesadas, María Ángeles Sainz García and María are the ones who continue the family activity started in the fifties in an old bakery in Vega de Pas. Joselín is a company that has always opted for women both in its management team and throughout its staff.

The team takes care of the handicraft elaborations and all the manual activities that require a series of trained skills on a daily basis. For all this it is a great satisfaction and an honor to have received in 2010 the prize of Excellence for Innovation for Rural Women.